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Joyce's Natural Blends products for your face, body and hair are made in small batches by hand using all natural oils and emollient butters, carefully enriched with complementary herbal extracts, plant proteins, botanical and essential oils for a luxurious skin care regimen.


Joyce believes in making her products gentle and safe for the whole family, using organic avocado, almond, illipe, and coconut oils and cocoa and shea butters to create highly effective products that are paraben-, sulfate-, alcohol- and chemical-free.

At JNB we use ingredients that are already available in nature instead of lab-duplicated synthetic ingredients that could cause skin cancer. What's  ironic is that most of anti aging creams actually make your skin worse so you end up buying more products to counter the side effects of what you are currently using…the cycle goes on.

Same thing with acne products, most of them will make your skin excessively dry which in turn make the condition worse by making your sebaceous glands overactive.

JNB uses a combination of ingredients that will balance the oil production on your skin and kill bacteria on the surface of your skin keeping it clear from blemishes.

Our hair products restore lost moisture in your hair, our shampoos are free of sulfates that strip natural oils from your hair and scalp. The ingredients in the butter and hair oil combat different types of scalp issues as well.  Most of the essential oils used boost the cell renewal which stimulates hair growth and maintains hair length by minimizing breakage.